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Historical Figures: Whose achievements we should never forget are #HistoricalFigures

Larry Thorne – The Soldier who fought in 3 Armies


Larry Thorne, was born in 1919 in what was then the Finnish city of Viipuri. Larry was a complex yet driven man who vigorously fought oppression under three flags and didn’t acknowledge the meaning of the word “QUIT”.

13 Facts about Mansa Musa: The richest man in History


Mansa Musa The First, the richest man who ever lived allegedly, ruled the Mali Empire for 25 years between 1312 and 1337 and led them to prosperity and profound development. There were not many African empires, but the Mali Empire was one of the most…

Alan Turing: The father of modern computing and A Story of Betrayal


The Most famous in the group of individuals who deciphered German messages encrypted via the Enigma device was the mathematician,…