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Beknown: Things we know but not sure about are here to #Beknown

Consciousness, Psychology, and Nature


Consciousness is the awareness of internal or external existence. It is that makes us feel understand and respond to our surroundings and our inner self. It is because of the consciousness…

How Yoga benefits your Body and Brain


Yoga Sutras define yoga as tackling or restraining the mind from focusing on external matters. Seeking a state of complete mental clarity…

The historical walk from Chaturanga to Chess


The game was originally called “Chaturanga” – It means “four divisions” in Sanskrit. But with its spread to the Sassanid Empire{Persian Empire}, it got its current name and terminology – “Chess,” comes from “shah,” which means King, and “checkmate” meaning “Shah maut,” Or “The king is helpless.

Weird Involuntary Behaviors of our body


We think that we walk through our lives with full awareness, with complete freedom of choice on things that we…

The Largest Lakes on Each Continent


These inland water pools are too big to be a pond but most definitely not an ocean, these are the…