The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you


India is constructing a 90 billion dollar industrial corridor between New Delhi and Mumbai, which will boost India’s economy and…

These inland water pools are too big to be a pond but most definitely not an ocean, these are the biggest lakes of our planet. A number…

The Most famous in the group of individuals who deciphered German messages was the mathematician, Alan Turing…


About Us

The roots of education are bitter, But the fruit is sweet.
We are a group of educationists and learners who wants to share wondrous things to curious readers. Plunge into the pool of knowledge and say “Now I Know..”

Our Childhood memories is our history. We are not great writers or Ph.D holders but we started our reading from “Comic books and Children Magazines“. We are still reading and we read to learn more and more and earn with what we have learnt. 

Our mission is to take you on a journey to the knowledge of wondrous things. We now these things, but we don’t know why? or how?

Our mission and focus is to share that knowledge and create a constant thirst in everyone to learn more and understand the universe of things in unbiased opinions.